Who doesn’t love a good horror film? Something that will have you in suspense the whole time and have you jumping in your seat with every little movement. The new film from Charlie’s Farm director Christopher Sun will have you doing just that.

‘BOAR’ is set in the Australian outback and sees a beast of staggering size with an uncontrollable desire for blood and destruction hiding in the picturesque landscape. The movie features an all-star Australian cast including John Jarratt, Melissa Tkautz, Hugh Sheridan, Nathan Jones, Ernie Dingo, Simone Buchanan, Roger Ward, Steve Bisely, Ricci Guarnaccio, Emily Williams and Bill Mosely.

BOAR is in select cinemas from Sunday May 27 and to celebrate the release they had the Australian premiere in the director’s hometown of Nambour along with a sold out preview screening over the weekend. The cast and crew came out to the Majestic Theatre to celebrate along with all the locals who wanted to get a little sneak peak of some of the big names.

I got to chat to some of the leading actors and actresses on the carpet about their favourite memories on set and why they loved making this movie so much. Check out the interviews and photo galleries HERE;

Emily Williams


TB: ‘BOAR’ sees you making your feature film debut so what made you want to peruse acting and choose the horror genre for your first one?

EW: I always loved horror when I was little so that was an easy choice. But with acting I kinda wanted to put myself in an uncomfortable space especially being an artist as you’re always stuck in a studio. So to be able to be outside and being able to be someone else that was a big difference and appealed a lot to me. 

TB: Now I have to ask, is there any way we can convince you to make Young Divas reunion happen?

EW: Why did I know that question was going to come up! *laughs*. It could happen, you never know these days. if it happens, you will be the first to know!

TB: This needs to happen! I feel like Australia needs a girl group again because we don’t have one at the moment.

EW: I know right! I’ve been watching The Voice recently and noticed that there are no groups or anything. So I feel you on that!

TB: If you could make a new wave Young Diva’s who would you get on board? 

EW: Oooh, I don’t think I could replace any of the girls *laughs*. They do what they do and they do what they do well.

TB: You recently made your theatre debut in The Bodyguard The Musical as the alternate for Paulini and the understudy for Prinnie. So is musicals something you want to further explore?

EW: Now that was something else I had to dip myself into. Imagine trying to remember all those lines and choreography for two roles, it was crazy! It was so much fun and something I would love to do again but it all depends how I feel at the time so we will see what happens. But I do think filming BOAR really set me up to be prepared for that experience.  


Simone Buchanan 


TB: What would say was the most challenging thing about making ‘BOAR’?

SB: It was physically difficult. We went through a lot physically making this movie *laughs*. I had quite a few injuries at the end but it was extraordinary really and working with the big pig was so much fun. 

TB: And apparently one your favourite memories from filming was punching Nathan Jones in the face? *laughs*

SB: Oh yeah, that was kind of weird. My hand hurt more than his face *laughs*, he’s a big dude!

TB: You guys filmed the movie in Gympie over the course of a few weeks so did you have a favourite local spot that all of the crew would hang out or go to?

SB: Yes! There was this pub that we would go to and Hugh Sheridan and I got up one night and did karaoke after we had a few wines. It was so much fun because it was one of those shoots where we were all stuck together as we were in a little town so we did like to get a little loose. 

TB: Have you ever been able to look at pigs the same after filming ‘BOAR’?

SB: Not really *laughs*. I was quite surprised to see some real pigs on the red carpet before, was not expecting that *laughs*.


Melissa Tkautz + Nathan Jones


TB: You have both done a lot of acting in the past and Nathan you’ve done a horror film before but Melissa this is your first one. So what drew you both to doing ‘Boar’?

MT: For me, I’ve never done horror before and the fact that Chris Sun was doing an Australian film with Australian actors made me really interested. And the calibre of actors that is in this film is incredible and he’s so passionate about what he does.

NJ: I’ve worked with Chris before in the past and we worked really well together. And this role was really exciting for me because I don’t usually get to play the good guy, I usually play the big scary guy *laughs*.

MT: That’s so true *laughs*!

TB: Melissa, last year you released your single “The Key” and you’ve been teasing recently that you’re back in the studio working on some new music. So when can we expect to hear it?

MT: I know!! It’s sitting there ready to go so I hope to release it very soon. 

TB: And I hear it s a duet…

MT: It is! How did you hear that?! *laughs*. It’s actually a really good track so I can’t wait to release it as it’s a lot of fun. 

TB: Nathan, I feel like you must get asked this all the time but do you think you will ever return to wrestling? 

NJ: I dont know because you never know what life will throw you.

TB: I mean, that’s true. You have done a Bollywood superhero movie..

NJ: *Laughs* Yes! I’ve actually done two Bollywood films now which were super interesting. 

MT: I think he should stick to acting! He’s done so much and his acting in Mad Max was incredible. So so cool! Like Nath, you are this Hollywood actor now, its crazy. 

NJ: *Laughs* thank you Melissa. But yeah with wrestling it would be hard work, I would need to get back in the gym. 

MT: Yeah, because he really needs to train… *laughs* look at him! *laughs*. 


John Jarratt 


TB: You’ve previously starred in Australia’s biggest horror movie franchise Wolf Creek and I can imagine just how many horror movie scripts you receive. So what captured your attention about BOAR when you were first approached to do it? 

JJ: I get offered a lot of film scripts in general and to be honest horror is just a genre. For me it doesn’t matter what the genre is as there is only three things that make the film and that is the script, the script and the script. So the script has to be good because it is like constructing a building without any foundations, it will just fall over. So what always attracts me to a film no matter what genre it is, is if the script is any good. And I’ve had crappy scripts from all types of genres including horror. A lot of crappy scripts. But ‘BOAR’ was amazing and had me immediately interested. 

TB: You have a massive filmography and have seemed to experiment with it all. So was there something you haven’t done yet that you wanted to do or try?

JJ: The only thing I haven’t done yet is my next film, that’s kind of how I live. I have no great longing to play Hamlet or anything, I just don’t think like that because it will never happen. I just like to focus my attention to whatever the next big thing I can be lucky enough to be apart of. 


BOAR is in select cinemas from Sunday May 27

Check out the full photo gallery by The Raveyard Photography here; 

Photos by Hannah Dodd




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