EP REVIEW: Conrad Sewell – Ghosts & Heartaches


We were first introduced to the dynamic and captivating vocals of Conrad Sewell in 2014 through the massive KYGO collaboration ‘Firestone’ which instantly put him on the map. The Australian singer-songwriter followed that massive track up with the mesmerising ‘Start Again’ and the groovy ‘Hold Me Up’ and ‘Who You Lovin’ which saw him winning over a massive fanbase not just in Australia but globally. He has since toured alongside the likes of Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, KYGO and Jess Glynne but has recently taken a break to work on new music. Having just signed to Sony Music he has simultaneously released two new singles from a collection titled ‘Ghosts & Heartaches’ which hears him continuing his soulful pop sound. These two songs don’t hear him straying too far from the formula he previously introduced but his vocals are still as mature and instantly recognisable as before. However both “Come Clean” and “Healing Hands” are a little underwhelming. I was expecting a bigger moment to welcome him back into the music industry with a little more emotion or a bigger groove than what was delivered. I think what threw me off was the lyrical content of ‘Come Clean’ because he offers this emotional storyline about falling in love and wanting to become sober for someone. Now this is a very important and very real experience that deserves to be spotlighted but what takes away the vulnerability is the blunt manner of the hook. “You make me wanna come clean. Put down the booze and cocaine, show you my ghosts and heartaches because even a fool can change”. As soon as you say the word “cocaine” in a song you take away this seriousness of the songwriting because that’s all people are going to focus on. And instead of feeling the raw emotion of wanting to change for someone you can’t help but think about how out of nowhere that word came from. ‘Healing Hands’ then gives you a gospel inspired delivery that is sadly a little forgettable and the only great thing about it is his vocals. And lets be real, that’s not a massive selling point because all of his songs are vocally incredible. I do wish these songs were a little more impactful like ‘Start Again’ or ‘Hold Me Up’ because with a massive three years break between releases the fact of the matter is that people may have forgotten who he is and he needs to win everyone over again. Sadly these songs just don’t do that. What they do succeed at doing is show a maturity in his songwriting where he is wanting to open up more to his listeners.


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