SINGLE REVIEW: Pharrell Williams feat. Camila Cabello – Sangria Wine


Pharrell Williams is noted to be one of the music industry’s most sought after collaborators. After all he’s worked on some of the biggest pop and R&B songs of the past 18 years. But recently his sound has become a little predictable, annoying and uninspired. The newest song to add to this disappointing list is his collaboration with Camila Cabello, “Sangria Wine”. This is the pairs second time working together after they dropped one of the hottest songs of last year “Havana” which I don’t think I will ever get out of my head. I really wanted this song to be an absolute smash but instead it’s a song that is hard to even get through a full listen of. The summer influenced track has a latin vibe that has your hips wanting to shake but your head wanting to explode. The hook is downright annoying and not even catchy in the slightest. There is just too much happening in the production that it is a little all over the place. The strongest part of the song is Cabello’s vocals which are seductive, powerful and intriguing. However sadly not even her strong vocal delivery could save this song. It’s a bit of a mess. 


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