SINGLE REVIEW: Betty Who – Taste


I am so happy Betty Who has left her major label and gone independent because I feel like we are finally seeing the real her again. Ever since she has taken full control I feel like we have returned to her early EP days where she is just releasing music that she loves and hearing the full capacity of her vibrant personality again. Not to mention we are also getting the most frequent Betty Who music we have received in a long time. “Taste” is her next single from her upcoming EP and it’s another seductive and fun track which is on the same musical path as “Look Back”. It looks at knowing you shouldn’t have feelings for someone but constantly craving their touch and company and not being able to help it. “You know the worse they are, the better they taste”. The song is lead by this big and brassy beat which you know will just explode in her live show. It’s the right amount of funk and sex appeal that will have you singing along instantly and have the cheeky chorus stuck in your head. Don’t take it too seriously because it really is just a lot of fun.  




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