SINGLE REVIEW: Years & Years – If You’re Over Me


Years & Years sophomore studio album “Palo Santo” was originally one of my most anticipated records of the year until they released their disappointing lead single “Sanctify”. And I’m not the only one that thinks that with the general consensus highlighting their lack of radio airplay and chart domination unlike their previous singles which were unavoidable. Their second single “If You’re Over Me” hears them trying to the shift the attention to a shinier pop production that sounds almost too try hard and predictable. But it is a lot brighter and stronger than their lead single and has more potential with a catchier hook. The main issue I have with this song is that it is a little too cheesy. Lyrically the song is quite emotional with a hint of sassy as Olly explains the confusing state of trying to remain friends with an ex. “One minute you say we’re a team then you’re telling me you can’t breathe. Well you should set me free baby, if you’re over me”. It’s the awkward moment you realise that you want to be together but you just can’t because it doesn’t work and you are stuck in this rotating cycle where you kiss and make up and break up again. With it’s strong concept I wanted this song to be taken to big heights but instead it is very average and doesn’t deliver you that big moment that you want. You should be able to hear the desperation in his vocals along with the confusion, heartbreak and sassiness but instead it’s too polished. The doo-woop inspired pop production is cute but it’s very gimmicky and doesn’t maintain your attention for more than 90 seconds. 




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