SINGLE REVIEW: The Presets – Downtown Shutdown


Australian electronic duo The Presets are about to release their highly anticipated fourth studio album “Hi Viz” which promises to push the boundaries further like never before. So far they have successfully done that with their bouncy singles “Do What U Want” and “14U+14ME” which heard them returning to their club ready sound that their second studio album “Apocalypso” perfected whilst delivering even harder beats. Their new single “Downtown Shutdown” is a rhythmic homage to everything funk with a classic electronic spin. This is a sound we haven’t heard from The Presets before and it’s very groovy and works perfectly well. This is the most commercially friendly release from this new album which could easily cross over into the mainstream market because so far this record is sounding like a Triple J home run with big hooks and festival singalong’s that have you ready for summer. After a first listen you will be ready to push replay and get transported to the psychedelic funk craziness that this song delivers. 



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