SINGLE REVIEW: Rita Ora feat. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX  – Girls


It’s only appropriate that Rita Ora finally releases her new single “Girls” ahead of the opening night of her sold out “Girls European Tour”. The epic pop collaboration hears her teaming up with some of pops biggest female names including Cardi B, Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX. This song has been circling the web for over a year after Rita and Charli both performed it at festivals and lets just say the live versions didn’t do this song justice because it is a bonafide bop. After a first listen you will be left feeling all giddy and empowered with it’s cute production and message. It’s about embracing and celebrating strong women and bisexuality in such a in your face and exciting way. The chorus is literally “Sometimes I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls” and I am living for it because it’s such a mainstream pop song that will undoubtedly get a lot of radio airplay and these are the sort of messages we need to be hearing on radio. We live in such a dark world right now where people are starting to tell us again that it’s not okay for us to be who we are and it’s songs like this that encourage people to take a stand and to be proud of who we are. I was a bit worried that with so many vocalists on one track that not everyone would get time to shine but everyone seems to have their moment. The only person that seems to slightly fade into the background is Bebe Rexha but that’s sadly because she seems to have received the weakest verse. But as a whole the track is just so euphoric, fun, flirty and empowering. I mean what else could you want?






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