SINGLE REVIEW: Labrinth, Sia & Diplo – Audio


Last week saw the birth of the new project LSD which heard Labrinth, Sia and Diplo come together for the very theatrical “Genius”. The DIY electronic track heard them fuse their three different sounds together creating a pretty cool and unique moment. A week later they have delivered yet another song but sadly “Audio” isn’t as engaging as its predecessor. This one is a little more generic and doesn’t have that wow factor that “Genius” impressed with. I was constantly waiting for that genre switch or production shift that would enhance their experimental genre but it never came. You cant really go from delivering a very diverse and experimental track to releasing something mediocre only a week later because that is going to affect peoples views on the first track because they are now already aware they can’t back it up. The most interesting part came in the final 40 seconds with the incorporation of a Daft Punk inspired vocal production along with some synth interference. But not even that could save this song as it really is massively skip worthy. 




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