SINGLE REVIEW: Diplo feat. MO – Stay Open


Along with the release of his new collaborative project LSD with Labrinth and Sia, Diplo has decided to release a solo single this week which is thankfully a lot better than the new LSD track. Delivering his classic electronic pop formula “Stay Open” is a carefree and euphoric little track which will have you dancing instantly. Whilst it isn’t anything groundbreaking the song is enjoyable and will have you singing along happily. The cute track looks at opening up to someone, falling in love with them and always being there for them. “So many doors, so many closed to us. Oh, baby, my heart’s open you know that I stay open”. Danish favourite MO once again teams up with Diplo for vocal duties and it’s a little predictable but I mean sometimes that’s what makes good pop-dance music. But with MO teaming up with a lot of artists recently I do expect her to step up her game and start delivering unique moments that don’t sound like they have all come from the same studio session. Also, what is with that awful single artwork that looks like it’s been inspired by a 2001 Pepsi campaign?





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