SINGLE REVIEW: Didirri – I Can’t Get Last Night Out Of My Head


Whilst Didirri has just wrapped up his mostly sold out Australian tour and is about to kick off a massive European tour the Melbourne singer-songwriter has decided to release a captivating new single to get you all emotional. “I Cant Get Last Night Out Of My Head” is taken from his debut EP “Measurements” which will be finally released on July 6 and is yet again a very emotional and candid track. He reflects on the rekindling of an old flame the night before he went to the UK on his last tour and how he knows he shouldn’t have but was so caught up in the moment. Lyrically the song is quite simple but it’s very effective with his angelic harmonies and the use of repetition. The chorus hears him proclaiming “I can’t get last night out of my head. I don’t want to spend a single night in my own bed” in an euphoric and desperate nature. While in the bridge he admits in a state of vulnerability “I bruise easily” where he is scared that he will get hurt again. The production begins acoustically with only a guitar and gradually builds with the addition of percussion before adding in strings, piano and a gospel inspired final chorus. This is his biggest and boldest moment yet as an artist and it’s so exciting because whilst it is an epic and radio ready song he also doesn’t compromise who he is as an artist. It’s still as vulnerable, honest and beautiful as his previous material but just shows a growth in his songwriting and production. 




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