SINGLE REVIEW: Childish Gambino – This Is America


Childish Gambino is someone I’m convinced doesn’t sleep. Like I legitimately think he’s a robot because he seems to do everything and has 500 projects running at once and some how manages to still tour and make music. And on top of that he has even has time to drop surprise singles and music videos like the incredible “This Is America” which you will soon become obsessed with. I don’t feel like I need to say much about this song because it really does speak for it self. The politically driven track addresses black lives in America and as apart of their culture in general. The music video also addresses America’s fascination with guns and how they are more protective over the machinery than the victims. It’s a very politically awakening song that makes you stop and think  and want to blast it loud so other people can hear it and its powerful message. The brilliant thing is that he manages to deliver all these messages in a respectful way as well as make it catchy, engaging and memorable without it being gimmicky. It’s whole heartedly an incredible song and one of the most important releases of the year so far. 




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