SINGLE REVIEW: Bastille – Quarter Past Midnight


After the mediocre reception to their sophomore record “Wild World” Bastille are back with the first single from their forthcoming third studio album. “Quarter Past Midnight” hears them returning to their roots and delivering a pulsating indie-pop-rock track that captivates you with its euphoric harmonies and moody production. Beginning with Dan Smith’s instantly recognisable vocals the song has minimal production with hand claps leading the percussion before the guitar riff ignites the rest of the production. It then takes you to this festival ready euphoric moment with big ooh’s that you can harmonise with and will have you wanting to be on someone’s shoulders dancing. The song is about that magical moment of being out in the middle of the night with the people you care about most and the idea that anything can happen. It’s a song that is created to be experienced live and is instantly more likeable that anything on their previous album (minus “Good Grief” because that was BRILLIANT). But this electronic influence is definitely reminiscent to their earlier material because it is so experimental and has this very theatrical and full sound. Hopefully they just don’t let us down again with their next release. 





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