ALBUM REVIEW: Leon Bridges – Good Thing


Leon Bridges was first introduced to the world in 2015 with his viral breakthrough single “Coming Home” along with his debut album of the same name. However there was a lot of criticism around whether he could back up this soul record with someone a little more fresh and showcase more of his personality. He has proved those doubters wrong with an impressive sophomore album that hears him delivering a funkier and more pop driven soul record. “Good Thing” is a collection of 10 original and feel good tracks that will have you ready to dance while some others will have you swaying and feeling a little more reflective. It’s a more all-rounded record compared to his debut that showcases a lot more personality and a growth in his songwriting. The melodies are a lot stronger and have more radio and mainstream potential with “River” already being featured on “Big Little Lies”. But it’s “Bad Bad News” that will instantly win you over with it’s subtle grooving beat and swaying harmonies. The lyrics are also some of the most memorable because they are so honest and hear him taking control of his critics. “They tell me I was born to lose but I made a good good thing out of bad bad news”. His vocal delivery along with the production is quite reminiscent of Bruno Mars with his crooning vocals and RNB inspired harmonies. “Beyond”, “Shy” and “Mrs” offer a softer delivery and are closer to the sound his last album introduced but are noticeably stronger. “Bet Ain’t Worth The Hand” delivers a cinematic sound with strings and smooth harmonies transporting you to the classics before “It Feels Good” and “You Don’t Know” unleashes the funky and playful side you were hoping you would hear on this record. He showcases a more eclectic collection of tracks and will have you vibing along instantly. This is the perfect album for him to breakthrough to the pop market as it mixes the classic motown roots with a modern pop twist that the likes of Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake have implemented into their sound. It may not be the next “24K Magic” but it definitely sets him up to continue to grow his life show and fanbase.

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