ALBUM REVIEW: Keith Urban – Graffiti U


Keith Urban has hit that global country-pop arena status. No longer is he just Australia’s best kept secret because now he is selling out arenas across America and delivering massive and energetic shows every two years. His tenth studio album “Graffiti U” hears him trying to hold onto that arena status with his most county-pop influenced record yet. Opening the album is his recent single “Coming Home” which hears him teaming up with pop newcomer Julia Michaels. This has one of the most pop radio friendly hooks and perfectly sets up the vibe for the record. “Never Coming Down” delivers a groovy production that sees him revising his country roots with the strumming of a banjo and perfect use of call and response methods. He does love experimenting and pushing boundaries on this album and “My Wave” hears him incorporating a reggae beat along with the perfect beach road trip hook. But on “Drop Top” he pushes the boundaries a bit too far with a over the top pop production. It annoyingly works with a catchy hook from Kassi Ashton that will be stuck in your head. However you can’t help but think the hook belongs in a scene of a Disney teen musical. “Gemini” and “Love The Way It Hurts” introduces pulsating synths that I’m still unsure about. “Horses”, “Female” and “Steal my Thunder” are the forgettable moments on the album which just fill time while “Same Heat” and “Parallel Line” offers two of the albums most intimate and stripped back moments that will instantly have your heart and become your favourites because of their pure honesty and storytelling. This is definitely his most pop influenced record and the  material proves that he is reaching towards a more commercial and arena ready sound so he can continue to comfortably sell out these venues. 

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