SINGLE REVIEW: Sia, Labrinth + Diplo – Genius


With a collaborative project name like LSD I expected something a little trippy but instead what Labrinth, Sia and Diplo provide is a very experimental and cinematic dance track. The three artists combine their unique sounds to create a fusion of pop, RNB and dance with a strings section which ultimately brings this song to life. It has moments of pure brilliance and when you listen to it in headphones all of the sounds have their moment to shine but when you listen to it through speakers I feel like the song loses its magic. It sounds confused, lost and all over the place and with a song like this you want to be able to blast it loud. They also annoyingly say each others names to introduce each other throughout the track which is low key annoying and makes me question why Jason Derulo or 2 Chainz weren’t invited to feature. Labrinth’s verse delivers the perfect amount of moodiness before Sia injects her classic pop vocals. It’s catchy and has a very cool chorus and production structure that does change quite frequently but towards the end of the song I can’t help but get a little bored. It has it’s strong moments but it’s also a little forgettable. 




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