SINGLE REVIEW: Shawn Mendes feat. Khalid – Youth


Shawn Mendes absolutely impressed with his kings Of Leon inspired lead single “In My Blood”. The epic and empowering pop-rock track explored the dark thoughts that anxiety triggers and learning to not let them win. It’s a very relatable and honest track that captivated you from a first listen and quickly made his forthcoming third studio album one of my most anticipated records of the year. For his official second single “Youth” the singer-songwriter has teamed up with Khalid to provide a very different vibe. This song is more pop inclined and injects a RNB element thanks to Khalid’s smooth harmonies. The reflective track looks at a tragedy happening and not being able to take that youths feeling away from someone and to cherish it. “You can’t take my youth away. This soul of mine will never break. As long as I wake up today, you can’t take my youth away”. At a first listen this song isn’t as captivating or uplifting as “In My Blood” but it is a grower. It’s one of those songs that has a strong hook that will come back and forth to you throughout the day but when you are listening to it you don’t really realise how strong it actually is. It will work really well in his live show and create a nice anthemic singalong. 




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