SINGLE REVIEW: Troye Sivan – Bloom


Earlier this year Troye Sivan captivated and impressed with the lead single “My My My” from his forthcoming sophomore studio album. The alternative pop track continued the sound his debut introduced and featured a heavier electronic pop influence. For his follow up single “Bloom” he’s headed towards a groovier pop production that hears him leaning towards a seductive and exciting vibe. This song has moments of pure brilliance with it’s funky production and pulsating synths that drive the chorus but the other half of this song is a little predictable. Lyrically the song is quite daring and hears him being the most sexually driven he has been yet. While it’s metaphorically about flowers he doesn’t really hide the fact that it’s about a very different kind of deflowering if you catch my drift. “I bloom just for you”. He also doesn’t shy from using male pronouns in his lyrics which is very exciting as this song has already been played on mainstream radio and received a lot of media attention. It just proves that we are moving forward as a society and gives pop music the chance to further evolve. While it is the most bubblegum-esq that we have heard Troye be it is also the most experimental he’s been as he’s safely sat in the alternative-pop realm leading up to this track. He does revisit that sound briefly during the verses which is a little predictable but the chorus switches it up completely. It’s very catchy and grows on you with each listen.




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