SINGLE REVIEW: Christina Aguilera feat. TY Dolla $ign, 2 Chainz – Accelerate 


2018 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for music and one of the reasons that had me most excited was the fact that Christina Aguilera is finally releasing new music. The pop diva has just announced that her sixth studio album “Liberation” will be unleashed on June 15 and I really wish I could say I was impressed by her lead single, but I can’t. “Accelerate” is a confusing and messy RNB meets pop track that sounds rushed and doesn’t live up to the expectation that her 6 year hiatus created. I really wish she would just release another anthem like her albums “Back To Basics” and “Stripped” were full of but for some reason she’s constantly fascinated with fitting into the current RNB trends. So it doesn’t surprise me TOO much that she’s teamed up with TY Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz because they’ve been on a lot of top 10 pop hits over the past two years. But I AM a little surprised that Offset isn’t on this track because he seems to be the go to rapper right now for features. The song does have some moments that show real potential and could have heard her have an actual hit on her hands but instead the production is all over the place and the features just sound really odd. The start of the song hears this island percussion accompanied by a strange man yelling something over and over and then all of a sudden it just cuts to Christina singing along to a different melody. No transition. No context. The two musical ideas aren’t even similar. It’s just a strange way to start a song. But then she delivers a half singing half rapping verse which is actually really good and will have you hyped up along with the catchy hook but it starts going down hill as soon as the features jump on board. The song loses it’s momentum and loses your interest with the constant switching of musical ideas. After a six year wait you really expect her to come back strong and more defined as ever so it’s really disappointing that this is her weakest lead single yet. Let’s just hope the rest of the album delivers those unforgettable Xtina moments that you expect and want. Give me an emotional ballad or an empowering pop anthem, please and thank you. 




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