ALBUM REVIEW: Missy Higgins – Solastalgia


I’m always going to have a soft spot in my heart for Missy Higgins. After all she did deliver us the unforgettable “Scar” which has become an Australian anthem in it’s own right. Over the years she has reinvented herself multiple times and delivered moody alt-pop moments that have continuously  connected with a wide range of listeners. After having a little break she has returned with a collection of candid tracks that hear her experimenting with a lighter indie-pop production. “Solastagia” still manages to deliver the honest storytelling she is known for and whilst the album is mostly upbeat there are still a couple of moody alternative tracks to make her longterm fans happy. Album opener “Starting Again” delivers a very cinematic sound that transports you visually to this very reflective headspace. It creates the right mood so your euphorically dancing during the visually charged “Cemetery” and “Futon Couch”. But in typical Missy style there are always some moody tracks that will break your heart and have you reminiscing on old times. “How Was I To Know”, “Don’t Look Down” and “49 Candles” are the strongest of the moody tracks and will give you nostalgic Missy vibes. Some of it is very hit and miss but when she gets it right you won’t get the hook out of your head. This is her most pop inclined record since her debut and it couldn’t come at more perfect timing after she recently joined Ed Sheeran on his massive Australian Stadium tour. But while she does play with this sound she doesn’t lose the classic Missy Higgins heart and soul which you’ve come to know and love over the years. 







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