ALBUM REVIEW: Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer


I really hate to say it but Janelle Monae’s third studio album “Dirty Computer” is sadly going to be one of the most underrated records of the year. Her impact on the music industry has seemingly grown since the release of “The Electric Lady” in 2013 thanks to her crossover into acting but even with a lot of promotion this album still is already being slept on. Maybe it’s because this week is already congested with releases or maybe her sound isn’t translating on a major scale because it’s not your typical mainstream RNB-pop but whatever it is needs to be sorted ASAP because this really is a great record. “Make Me Feel” and “Pynk” are your big, catchy pop moments that are full of shiny production intertwined with DIY RNB beats. They are really cool representations of how her music has evolved over the years and while she has leaned towards a heavier RNB influence there is still a hint of the funky Jams you were previously acquainted with. One of the standout moments is the mid tempo RNB balled “I Like That” which hears her crooning over a really simple and soulful production. Her vocals really take shine on this track that oozes pure sex appeal with the seductive and empowering lyrics. “And I like that, I don’t really give a fuck if I was just the only one who likes that. I never like to follow, follow all around, the chase is on”. She revisits her funky and groovy production on the tracks “Take A Byte” and “Crazy, Classic, Life” which are cool throwback moments that sonically remind me of her last record. “Screwed” feat. Zoe Kravitz is an angsty track that reflects on the state of America and can also be taken as a sexual innuendo. A cool two meaning track that will have you vibing instantly. However it was the Pharrell Williams produced “I Got The Juice” which disappoints massively as its uninspired and sounds like every Pharrell song ever created. 

“Dirty Computer” is an experimental and bold collection of tracks that showcase an impressive growth of Janelle as an artist. However because the album is quite artsy and delivers a DIY styled production it is sadly going to be one that is quite heavily slept on. But it is also one that is going to grow on a lot of people and will be really complimented by her upcoming live shows as it is a very visual experience.




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