SINGLE REVIEW: Hayden James feat. Boy Matthews – Just Friends


Australian singer, songwriter and producer Hayden James has had a steady rise to success since his breakthrough single “Something About You” launched him into the spotlight. Since then he’s released the catchy “Numb”, toured the world, co-wrote for artists like Katy Perry and is preparing the final touches on his debut album. “Just Friends” featuring Boy Matthews is the explosive new single that will have you instantly bopping and feeling some very playful vibes. This is probably the most commercial we have heard him leaning towards and that isn’t a bad thing. He’s perfecting his DIY electronic sound and evolving it through the addition of different elements. What instantly grabs your attention on this song is the “oohs” that serve as the base for the rest of the additions. It comes back and forth through different volume levels that will have you instantly humming along to the catchy hook. The track plays with the concept of two people who can fool around and still be friends without feelings getting involved. But inevitably someone is going to fall in love. “It started off just a touch. Innocent like friends, like friends. Yeah wake up here tired, horizontal, we just friends, just friends”. From a first listen you will be instantly hooked and wanting to hit replay and add it to your weekend vibes playlist. It also shows an impressive growth from Hayden that makes his forthcoming debut album even more exciting.




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