SINGLE REVIEW: The Chainsmokers – Somebody


So we just have to admit it, The Chainsmokers are actually releasing good music at the moment. They are becoming less predictable and delivering decent electronic songs with big pop hooks that you actually want to sing along to. And they’ve done it once again with the catchy and experimental “Somebody”. It hears them continuing their moody verses while delivering an experimental DIY production for the hook instead of their cliche drops they’ve delivered time after time. The song looks at people who lose their true identities in the pursuit of material things and vowing to not be one of them. “All the things I could live without, I need ’em now cause they’re all around me. Only thing that I can’t afford is to lose myself tryna be somebody”. It still has that typical Chainsmokers melody that makes the chorus instantly recognisable as one of their songs but the production stands out as it’s not so mainstream or cliche. I really am enjoying this sound they are going towards and am looking forward to see how they continue to grow or if they will just end up getting comfortable again. 



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