Over the past couple of months MUKI has delivered sass upon sass upon sass. Her songs serve a lot of attitude along with a carefree spirit which embodies the songs concepts perfectly. “Sassaprilla” and “Friends Don’t Make Out” perfectly introduced listeners to her colourful personality and DIY production. For her new single “Gold Oxygen” she further explores an experimental sound with her least pop influenced track yet. It has an electronic-pop meets trapp production that includes the quirky synths and samples her last singles incorporated. However it leans towards a grittier DIY production that is more Triple J than commercial crossover that her last two singles could’ve easily been. It’s a song that grows on you with each listen and has you wanting to push replay only because it ends so abruptly. However out of her three singles this is her weakest one yet and it’s a bit of a shame because she was on a roll. 




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