SINGLE REVIEW: Liam Payne – Familiar


I actually have no idea what is going on with Liam Payne at the moment. Is he in the middle of a mid-life crisis? Because It is very possible. His new single “Familiar” hears him heading towards a latin sound that is confusing and terrible at the same time. It’s as if he’s trying to recreate a shit version of “Despacito” and if that was his aim then he’s well and truly succeeded. The production is very messy and with his previous singles there has been no hint that this is a sound he was ever going to go towards. So it feels a little gimmicky and try-hard because of the recent success Latin music has had in America and around the world. It’s as if he’s really desperate to crack the American market as a solo artist that he will do whatever it takes and it just doesn’t feel genuine. Lyrically the song is very cliche and looks at him trying to seduce a woman and will have you slightly cringing with the creepy dad vibe he projects. “What’s on your mind for later tonight? Let me be the one to fill it up. Can we get familiar?”. I really wish that this song was good but its not and if this actually charts then I’m going to be forever embarrassed by the human race. 





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