SINGLE REVIEW: Haiku Hands – Jupiter

Whoever said girl groups are dead have obviously not heard of Haiku Hands. While they aren’t your typical girl group this colourful four piece have impressed listeners with their vibrant debut single  “Not About You” followed by some slick and highly choreographed live performances. Their new single “Jupiter” continues their wacky sound and cements them as one of the most intriguing groups in the Australian music scene. The song hears them heading towards a funky and groovier production that is reminiscent of circa 2008 The Tings Tings and if that doesn’t make you excited then I don’t know what will. Their harmonies are so interesting and will have you constantly anticipating how they will transform the song next. It’s just so fun, different and vibrant that you can’t help but love it. The only thing that will have you feeling unsure is their strange pronunciation of Jupiter. But I mean, it works because you can’t stop thinking about it for that reason. This song cements them as a group you need to listen to and also shows a strong growth from their debut single.