ALBUM REVIEW: Samantha Jade – Best Of My Love

Samantha Jade_BEST OF MY LOVE_Cover_Final

For her third studio album “Best Of My Love” Samantha Jade has revisited the glittery disco era for a collection of 11 disco-pop favourites from the likes of Cher, Donna Summer, Diana Ross and The BeeGees. These sparkly covers hear her adding a shiny pop touch to these already groovy tracks. The structure of the songs are the exact same as the originals but have an updated production and slightly more pop feel to them. I do wish they had a bit more of a restructuring but this style really suits her and will have you instantly dancing to the funky tracks. Lead single and title track “Best Of My Love” is the albums strongest moment as it perfectly captures the carefree and positive vibe of this era. It just instantly has you feeling good and rediscovering a very underrated song. “I’m Coming Out’, “Hot Stuff”, “We Are Family” and “I Will Survive” are the big campy moments you expected and will be perfect additions to her live show. “Upside Down” by Diana Ross is the most surprising track on the collection as it’s probably the most unexpected of her songs to be included and it works SO well with Samantha’s vocal delivery. She has also included two new original songs that will have you getting excited over. “Roller Skates” is a campy disco throwback which injects Samantha’s signature pop sound with a club twist. It really envisions what disco would sound like now with the heavy electronic focus that pop currently has. The chorus is big and is lead by her easily recognisable vocals with her signature vocal runs. While “Let Me Love You” is classic pop Samantha Jade that will have you dancing immediately with it’s cute and euphoric hook. This is a fun and carefree collection of tracks that will have you falling in love with disco all over again. 

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