ALBUM REVIEW: Kimbra – Primal Heart


Reinventing herself once again, Kimbra has decided to head towards a mature alternative-pop direction for her third studio album. The end result is the very honest and eclectic “Primal Heart” which hears her delivering big pop hooks as well as very experimental and gritty production moments. Opening with “The Good War” the New Zealand songstress returns to the DIY sound she cemented on her debut album “Vows” with a electronic influenced intertwined with her alternative roots. Where as “Top Of The World” delivers a heavier DIY electronic sound that is made up of gritty alt-pop synths that also have a strong hip-hop influence. Her vocals are also experimented with by using different electronic effects that add a unique texture and layering which help make the song super catchy. “Like They Do On The TV” and “Human” follow it’s lead with the alternative DIY production that perfectly rolls into “Lightyears” which is the albums glittery synth pop moment and has definite single potential. For her lead single “Everybody Knows” she looks at maturing from a relationship which has left you hurt and broken. The lyrics perfectly intertwine with the mature production that show’s a growth in her forever evolving pop sound while exposing a more vulnerable side of her. Breaking down those walls hears her stripping things back with “Black Sky”, “Past Love” and the gospel influenced “Version Of Me” which hears her being the most honest and real we have heard her. But the albums strongest moment is the straight down the line pop track “Recovery” as it serves honest emotion and a funky bass lead production. The post break up track looks at needing to look after yourself and realising it’s okay to take time to reflect and move on. “I’m in recovery, can’t you see? I just need time all by myself. No I don’t need your remedy, I just need to find new kinds of health”. The album showcases so many sides to the singer and manages to make it flow so easily without feeling all disjointed and confused. Her sound is still very theatrical but this record does feel a lot more genuine and vulnerable instead of hiding behind the theatrics like she used to on her previous records. If you’re a pop lover then this record is a music listen as your inner nerd will go crazy over the production and layering. 

You can purchase a copy of Kimora’s new album “Primal Heart” from Sanity now 




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