ALBUM REVIEW: Bishop Briggs – Church Of Scars


Bishop Briggs’ debut album has been a long time in the making but its finally here and it’s as eclectic and different as you could imagine. At only 10 tracks long “Church Of Scars” is a very short but impactful record that impresses with it’s versatility and emotional storytelling. Opening with the soulful “Tempt My Trouble” she addresses heartbreak and exes with a pulsating synth and a captivating guitar riff. For her singles “River”, “White Flag” and “Wild Horses” she unleashes a soulful electronic sound that sadly doesn’t really get revisited again except for the minimalist “Hi-lo (hollow)”. She experiments with a more soulful-pop delivery on “Dream” and “The Fire” before getting gospel on “Hallowed Ground” and “Water” which are very strong moments. These tracks really highlight her vocal strength and emotional storytelling but it’s the vulnerable and honest soul-pop “Lyin” that steals the spotlight for me. You can really hear the vulnerability in her vocals with every lyric she sings and while its very raw it also has a pop polish over the top of it which could easily be heard on mainstream radio. “I was in chains, I was in fire. I was in deep, I was a liar. Dyin’, dyin’ for your love”. It’s a really special moment that stands out after a first listen. All the different sounds on this record show a different side to her as an artist and as a person and all feel authentic in their delivery. The only thing I did expect from this record was more electronic production. 


You can purchase a copy of Bishop Briggs’ debut album “Church Of Scars” from Sanity here; 


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