Vera Blue delivered one of the most heartbreaking and reflective albums of 2017. “Perennial” saw her transforming her heartbreak into a journey of self discovery and empowerment. One of the albums catchiest tracks “Lady Powers” has just been serviced to radio with an updated verse from LA newcomer Kodie Shane and she’s ready to make you dance. The song explores standing up for yourself and perfectly embodies the empowerment chapter of a break up.

To celebrate the release she’s touring the country with Groovin The Moo Festival before conducting a massive headlining tour with 4 sold out shows already. I recently chatted to Vera Blue about why it’s so important to stand up for yourself, how her writing style has changed since the album has come out and what her favourite flower is. Check it out;

TB: “Lady Powers” is an absolute anthem and it’s sort of the perfect empowering track that we need in the world right now. What would you like to say to young women who are scared to be themselves or are confused with the current state of the world?

VB: Life is challenging, it’s meant to be. It was challenging for me and it will continue to be challenging at times when it comes to self love, relationships, growth and whatever life throws at me. But it’s just how life goes. Being able to develop a sense of self worth takes time too. Especially as a young women. Sometimes relationships or feelings for people can play on your anxieties, self worth, your dignity and can make you unaware of the difference between right or wrong. Naturally in life we make mistakes but the most important thing is that you learn from them, don’t be so hard on yourself and if you are feeling things or just going through a rough patch, know that you are not alone. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. You aren’t expected to know who you are but being kind to yourself and respecting yourself is a wonderful thing to do. Surround yourself with supportive, loyal and special people. Enjoy your own company too and do the things you love. Be you! Because no one else can. And know that you are never alone.

TB: The song sees you taking full control on your own self worth and sexuality. When visualizing the music video concept did you struggle with how you wanted to best represent that?

VB: There wasn’t much of a struggle really. I think each person involved in the video understood completely what the song meant and represented that perfectly. As a woman I believe I respect myself now more than I ever used to. There was no real need to show much skin in the video or be seductive or anything like that. I felt like I could be myself, move the way I naturally would and feel comfortable in environments that were symbolic of strength and self empowerment. Jesse the director of the clip totally embraced the song and brought it to life visually in so many incredible ways.

TB: Your new version of “Lady Powers” with Kodie Shane is out now so how did that collaboration come together?

VB: The album version was really cool and special when we released it but as a single we wanted to involve another female on the track. I was linked to Kodie’s spotify and profiles, I had a listen and I fell in love with her vocal tone and rhythm. The label sent her the song and she connected with it and added her part and it was perfect, it was playful, fun, really cool and enhanced the song making it feel more powerful! I love having another female feature on it the song and we had so much fun shooting the music video together.

TB: “Perennial” is set around the three stages of a break up and heard you be very vulnerable and honest. Since the album coming out have you felt like it’s been very therapeutic to have these songs out in the world?

VB: Of course! The biggest and most special thing for me about being able to release music is the connection that I share with others through my music. It makes me feel close to my listeners and I don’t feel alone. I know for sure my listeners feel the same as they may have or may be going through something similar and my music could be a way out for them or just something that can help them through something challenging or give them a sense of freedom. I want my music to bring people together in many way, and make them smile and dance too, just the way I do on stage. Getting my music out into the world and knowing that it’s touching people allows me to feel free too.

TB: Even before “Perennial” officially came out you’ve been in the studio writing and recording. How are you finding the creative process for the material you’re working on has differed from working on your debut?

VB: It’s different, the things that are going on in my life are always changing so I’m being inspired by those things which have an affect on my music. The project is very experimental which I love so the possibilities of sound and song are endless and it’s fun.

TB: In April you will be playing Groovin The Moo Festival nationally before kicking off a massive headlining tour in May. This will be your second run of dates for this album so how do you want to change and evolve the show this time around?

VB: The bigger the show, the bigger the production. I want to make the production bigger and special but also without distracting the audience from the music and the performance. Gotta keep the crowd surprised and pumped but keep the moments vulnerability and intimacy to remind them that we are a band playing music. I just want to make people feel something and there a so many ways we can do that also without getting carried away with crazy visuals and lights.

TB: Can we expect any new songs? Or maybe “Fools” or “Said Goodbye To Your Mother” which we didn’t get to see live on the last tour?

VB: Yeah, the Lady Powers tour set will be much longer so we have time to fit in songs I’ve dreamed of performing or even snippets!

TB: What was your favourite memory from the last tour?

VB: My favourite memory would 100% have to be perfoming Lady Powers with some of my fellow female artist friends. Thandi Phoenix, Woodes and KLP! If I could I would have aaaaall of my female friends up on stage just to dance, sing and have a good time! It’s really empowering and so special to share moments like that.

TB: And lastly, a very important question. What is your favourite type of flower?

VB: It changes all the time, but at the moment I love Tibouchina! The vibrant purple blows my mind and catches my eye, I can see it from and distance and I just think it’s so beautiful.

Vera Blue’s “Lady Powers Remix EP” is out now on Spotify and Apple Music!

Lady Powers Australian Tour Dates

13 May – Rosemount Hotel, Perth *SOLD OUT*

14 May – Rosemount Hotel, Perth

Fri 25 May – Enmore Theatre, Sydney *SOLD OUT*

Wed 30 May – The Tivoli, Brisbane

Thur 31 May – The Tivoli, Brisbane *SOLD OUT*

Sat 2 June – The Forum, Melbourne *SOLD OUT*

Sun 3 June – The Forum, Melbourne

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