ALBUM REVIEW: Tinashe – Joyride


I really feel sorry for Tinashe. Her second studio album “Joyride” has been scheduled for release since 2014 and received so many setbacks. Every time we thought we were getting closer to hearing the record the promotional process would restart and there would be a new lead single. But finally the record is here and I wish I could say the long wait was worth it, but sadly I cant. The album peaks with her catchy singles “Me So Bad”, “No Drama” and “Faded Love” which deliver a good amount of sass and emotion but the other seven songs just fail to deliver standout or memorable moments. And don’t even get me started on the pointless interludes that don’t really enhance the listening experience at all. “Ooh La La” had the most potential with the catchiest hook and a fiery storyline that will have you feeling all hot and bothered. But it’s the squeaking bed that ruins the production. Like why did she feel like it was necessary to include a squeaking bed? We already know what you are hinting at in the lyrics so we don’t need to be force feed it. Title track “Joyride” delivered an experimental production which grows on you with every listen and offers a different vibe whilst “He Don’t Want It” serves you classic RNB with a touch of FKA Twigs thrown in the mix. These are the most enjoyable listening moments other than the singles which are worth a listen. This record had a lot of potential but with the four year wait I expected more from her. It doesn’t live up to the expectations her debut record “Aquarius” set and in the end the push backs have affected the listening experience. 




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