ALBUM REVIEW: Confidence Man – Confident Music For Confident People


It’s safe to say that Confidence Man are one of Australia’s most unique and interesting bands. The mysterious four piece have absolutely blind-sighted the industry with their unique and colourful electronic tracks which are full of personality, sass and craziness. Their debut album “Confident Music For Confident People” showcases all of that with 11 interesting songs that include big hooks, groovy breakdowns and experimental production. Opening track “Try Your Luck” perfectly sets the mood with the hilariously honest opening line “I must confess, I’ve been sleeping with your ex cause I heard he was the best”. The nostalgic production transports you back to early the 2000’s with the pulsating synths and harmonies. The hit singles “Boyfriend (Repeat)”, “Bubblegum”, “Don’t You Know I’m In A Band” and “Better Sit Down Boy” deliver the big hooks and mainstream moments that have the most potential to breakthrough to chart radio. The funky “Fascination” instantly became one of my favourites on the record because of its different production and harmonies that gave the record the fresh sound it needed. “Sailboat Vacation” and “Catch My Breath” were a little forgettable in comparison to “All The Way” and “C.O.O.L. Party” which made you feel like you instantly stepped into a weird ecstasy trip. The easiest way to explain this record is that it’s like a more obscure Scissor Sisters record. It embodies the campiness that the Scissor Sisters boasted but offers a indie electronic approach. While it may be brief in length it does deliver enough punch to make you dance, work up a sweat and ready to rave at one of their live upcoming shows. 





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