ZAYN - Let Me

Ever since his ex-band mates from One Direction have released their solo projects Zayn has gone a little bit quiet. Disappearing from the spotlight to re-appear briefly for the powerful “Dusk Til Dawn” with Sia late last year he has finally returned with a new track. He’s using his new single “Let Me” to remind everyone that he is good at sex just like he did in his debut single “Pillowtalk”. I’m not sure as to why he finds this such an important topic to heavy publicise during his lead singles but he’s done it again and it’s actually a good song. It’s not as good as “PILLOWTALK” but it does offer a seductive and sexy side of the singer vocally and allows him to hit those high notes that he’s become noted for. “Sweet baby, our sex has meaning. Know this time you’ll stay til the morning. Duvet days and vanilla ice cream. More than just one night together exclusively”. It’s not the most poetic or vulnerable song but it does show a slightly emotional side of him where he wants to open up and commit instead of endless one night stands. It’s a slow burner which does grow on you and while its not as impactful as his previous singles it is still a song you will want to listen to. 





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