SINGLE REVIEW: Sigrid – High five


Sigrid is continuing her reign on the music industry with yet another fiery single from her upcoming second EP. “High Five” is a reflective and attitude filled track that hears her confronting a personality of someone she doesn’t want to be. The self reflection track has a very upbeat and positive sound to it because of it’s indie-pop production that channels the likes of previous tracks “Don’t Kill My Vibe’ and “Plot Twist”. She has become known to deliver great shading with positive production along with dark and moody lyrics. “And you wonder why (wonder why), no one’s by your side (by your side), when the room goes quiet”. The contrast is spot on and will have you second guessing the whole nature of this song and that’s impressive. She questions herself “Don’t you get tired looking for high fives?” in response to always seeking validation and begs to herself to be a bit more independent. So there is a positive undertone to take away. Her vocals are as strong as ever and hear her hitting those high notes during the chorus which she seems to do so effortlessly. This is a banger and a half and will have you singing along instantly with it’s catchy hook. 



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