SINGLE REVIEW: Louis The Child feat. Wafia – Better Not


One thing that constantly impresses me about Louis The Child is their inventive production that isn’t driven by your traditional or generic EDM breakdowns. As of recently every producer seems to be releasing the same exhausted beat drops that are quickly becoming predictable and boring. But not Louis The Child. “It’s Strange” was one of my favourite tracks of 2016 and the Los Angeles duo followed it up with some other bangers like “Weekend” featuring Icona Pop. But now they’ve teamed up with Australian pop newcomer Wafia for an absolute tune just in time for their coveted Coachella set. “Better Not” is a slightly different sound for them as it’s more vulnerable than they’ve ever shown before but it still delivers a big breakdown that will explode during their live sets. The song explores opening up to the idea of falling in love and not letting past experiences stop you from being in the moment and ruining something special. “Don’t overthink it, let it go and try adjust the feeling. You know that in your heart you’re healing from every time that you’ve been hurt before”. Whilst the lyrics and vocal delivery is quote emotional the beat drop is this really playful early 2000’s throwback that implements a carefree tone. These two moods perfectly combine to give you a really cool pop moment.





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