SINGLE REVIEW: Janelle Monae feat. Grimes – Pynk


Janelle Monae’s comeback to music is a very exciting journey. The lead single “Make Me Feel” is a bonafide bop that you won’t be able to get out of your head. “Djnago Jane” on the other hand was a little forgettable but still delivered an innovative and funky production. For her third single “Pynk” she has teamed up with Grimes for a even more experimental track. This is a song you probably aren’t going to like on a first listen and this is absolutely okay. By the second or third listen it will start to get cemented in your head and you will be vibing. While it’s not as strong as “Make Me Feel” it does deliver a really funky and cool beat that will have you intrigued. The quirky and non-subtle lyrics make this song what it is along with it’s pulsating synths. She describes everything that is pink from bodies to objects to… well I think you know what I mean. After all, she is wearing vagina pants in the single artwork and music video. The guitar riff in the chorus gives the song the extra layer it needed because before then it was a little flat and monotonous and I worried it wouldn’t be elevated any further. It’s not going to be for everyone but its groovy, a definite grower and a song for alternative pop fans. 




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