SINGLE REVIEW: 5 Seconds Of Summer – Youngblood


Okay so we have a slight issue and that is that I am actually starting to like 5 Seconds Of Summer. I never thought I would actually say those words but it’s happening. Their lead single for their upcoming third studio album “Youngblood” was an absolute tune. The groovy “Want You Back” impressed with a new sound and showed a growth that proved that these four Sydney boys had grown up. Their new single and title track “Youngblood” continues the exploration of this new sound and introduces pulsating synths, banging drums and a killer chorus. They are moving further and further away from their pop-punk sound and to be honest they’ve become almost unrecognisable. Usually I would say that is a bad thing and that a band should still hold onto their roots while reinventing their sound and image but these boys were so young when they started that it was inevitable that they would have a drastic change. They were either going to go towards a heavier rock sound or go towards a more funkier pop sound and that’s exactly what they’ve done. This honest track looks at a relationship where they’ve reached breaking point and they push each other away but it’s still so confusing saying goodbye as there is still strong feelings involved. “Say you want me, say you want me out of your life and I’m just a dead man walking tonight”. The production is very experimental and hears them switching up the sound during the hook with a more rhythmic and commanding delivery. The whole time I was listening to this song I was impressed and couldn’t believe it was 5SOS. I really wanted to dislike it because it was them but they proved me wrong. This song is killer and I’m actually really excited to hear their new album. Something else I never thought I’d say. 






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