SINGLE REVIEW: Carrie Underwood – Cry Pretty


Towards the end of last year Carrie Underwood had a big accident at the front of her home that saw her break her wrist and have 40 to 50 stitches to the face. Understandingly since then she has been out of the spotlight recovering and working on her forthcoming sixth studio album which is due later this year. With the Academy Of Country Music Awards just around the corner the songstress has just released her lead single which she will perform at the awards ceremony for her massive return to the stage. “Cry Pretty” is an emotive country-rock ballad that hears her stripping back all the bells and whistles and just delivering strong vocals and empowering lyrics. The track addresses her vulnerabilities with her appearance after the accident and encourages people to embrace their emotions and reassures that it is okay to cry. “So I apologize if you don’t like what you see but sometimes my emotions get the best of me and falling apart is as human as it gets”. Immediately the song has resonated with fans with them taking to social media to thank her for being so vulnerable and real with them. However as a lead single I do feel like it’s a little gimmicky and the impact could’ve been stronger for her comeback. I get the sentiment of being raw and gritty with the production but it felt a little bit too predicable. It’s a sweet and beautiful song but I didn’t feel the emotion the same way as she wanted you to. Her vocal runs were great as usual but towards the end she could’ve structured them differently for maximum affect. This is a track that will grow on you over time but for now I’m just gonna go back and listen to “Heartbeat”. 

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