SINGLE REVIEW: Lova – Insecurities


LOVA is the Swedish newcomer that I have already become obsessed with. Her debut single “You Me And The Silence” was a big DIY indie-pop moment that injected her soulful vocals into an empowering storyline about being whoever you want to be and removing unnecessary stresses from your life. Her follow up single “Insecurities” is a vulnerable indie pop track that explores anxiety and self insecurities. It begins with the cruisey guitar strumming that instantly takes you to an island. But then for the chorus she unleashes this cool RNB influenced beat that serves this gritty tone. She embraces her insecurities so she can take control of her anxiety and her life. Insecurities are something we should be proud of and not embarrassed about. So the concept is really fresh, empowering and cool. And the production is very different and whilst it’s on the same page as Meghan Trainor it’s also a lot more fresh and less cheesy. A bop. 




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