SINGLE REVIEW: Azealia Banks – Anna Wintour


Azealia Banks is back! The notorious New York troublemaker will be independently releasing her second studio album “Fantasea II: The Second Wave” later this year. Over the past couple of months she’s dropped a couple of promo tracks to get you excited but she’s just released her official lead single “Anna Wintour” which is pure FIRE. The song experiments with a house production that perfectly mixes into her already established hip-hop sound. It’s reminiscent of her early material that was very DIY and sonically embodied all these different incarnations. The main beat holds onto this concept with an almost garage-band reminiscent sound that she polishes over with a house production. Her vocal delivery is very versatile and goes from rapping to a shiny pop delivery to an amplified yell similar to “212”. Lyrically the song looks at finding herself and finding god and striving to be a better and fiercer person. “Now I feel in love, babe. I really know that your love is enough and I’m so lucky you found me in the day I needed love”. It’s easily her best and most glossy track since her debut album and its the perfect comeback for the rapper. It silences all the controversy and makes people focus on the music again.




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