ALBUM REVIEW: Thirty Seconds To Mars – America


Thirty Seconds To Mars have been forever chasing that stadium rock sound and with their fifth studio album they are finally getting closer. However the problem with “America” is that it’s very predictable and sits within a sonical space where it’s very same-same. But it does have its ambitious moments where the potential is there. To chase this bolder sound they experiment with an electronic production that transforms their usual pop-rock. But songs like “Love Is Madness” and “Rescue Me” which should be these big vulnerable moments end up just being overproduced and lost. The issue with Jared Leto is that he comes across so arrogant in the public forum that it’s hard to relate to him when he is being vulnerable. Separating his persona to his vocal delivery did prove difficult at times. I wanted to feel empowered when listening to the anthemic “Live Like A Dream” but it felt corny and forced. This is a record which has been created for the live stage and their show will excel because its so high energy and they are phenomenal performers. But as a listening experience its all well thought out production and strategical lyrics and hooks but the genuine heart is missing. 

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