ALBUM REVIEW: Gin Wigmore – Ivory


Over the years Gin Wigmore’s sound has evolved, grown and blossomed and her fourth studio album hears her defining her sound further with a mature and brassy delivery. “Ivory” is a bold collection that hears her combining a winning sound of brash and confident pop-rock along with some vulnerable and croon worthy ballads. Opening the album with a strong drum beat “Hallow Fate” delivers pure powerfulness and transitions beautifully into the off-beat driven “Odeum” which is an instant fan favourite because of its cinematic feel. The funky production her last album perfected returns on the energetic “Cabrona” and “Girl Gang” and the groovy “Beatnik Trip” which will all have you throwing your hands in the air. “Young Ones” and “Dirty Mercy” implement a heavier rock sound that her sophomore record “Gravel And Wine” explored and really showcase her grittier vocal delivery. But it’s the simple “Fall Out Of Love” that immediately wins a special place in your heart. The heartbreak track embodies the raw emotion with her vocal delivery leading the aching storyline. “I’m only alive when I’m in your world. Well then how do I live without being your girl?”. Following in its vulnerable direction is the doo-woop inspired “Hard Luck” and “Head To Head” before “Cold Cave” just strips it all back to pure minimalism. Her vocals are as instantly recognizable and raspy as ever and will have you falling in love with her unique sound all over again from the first listen. As a whole body of work this record is quite different to anything she has done before and hears her completely owning her sound. 

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