ALBUM REVIEW: Cardi B – Invasion Of Privacy


She may have started off as a joke in the music industry with her carefree attitude and run of the mouth persona but Cardi B has truly claimed the throne as one of hip-hops biggest names.  She topped the charts worldwide with “Bodak Yellow” and broke history as the first female hip-hop artist to go number one on the Billboard charts since Lauryn Hill. And her debut album “Invasion Of Privacy” doesn’t disappoint one bit by continuing the autobiographical and honest delivery along with some playful and ridiculous moments. “Get Up 10” perfectly opens the album with the rags to riches story of her uprising in the rap game and reminds people exactly where she came from. It’s like the mature sister of “Bodak Yellow” that has a little more wisdom and a extra punch of sass. “Look, they gave a bitch two options: strippin’ or lose. Used to dance in a club right across from my school. I said dance not fuck, don’t get it confused. Had to set the record straight cause bitches love to assume”. She then explores her success in a more comedic way on “Drip” featuring rap mega group Migos before reflecting on her roots with the strange ‘Bickenhead”. Because “Bodak Yellow” and “Bartier Cardi” were such strong singles I did find it confusing that she released “Be Careful” as the third single because compared to the rest of the material on this record it sounds like a  b-side. It doesn’t have that extra sassiness that “She Bad”, “Money Bag” and “Thru Your Phone” embody or have the emotional capacity that “Ring” or “I Do” offer. It just falls flat and is forgettable. “Best Life” and “I Like It” also fall into this category but it’s okay as the rest of the material is pure fire and will have you vibing HARD. This is a massive moment for Cardi B because she stamps her mark as an artist who has worked her way to the top independently and delivered a personal debut album without all the gimmicks. 








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