SINGLE REVIEW: NE-YO feat. Bebe Rexha & Stefflon Don – Push Back


The truth is Ne-Yo is struggling to stay relevant at the moment and it’s starting to show. You will never forget the lyrics to tracks like “So Sick”, “Because Of You”, “Closer”, Sexy Love”, “Miss Independent” or “Let Me Love You” because they are all bonafide hits. But his new material just isn’t. His previous singles have been cliche, gimmicky and just scream “give me a hit already” and with his seventh studio album “Good Man” quickly approaching it needs to happen ASAP. So he’s trying to stay fresh and “hip” by teaming up with some of pop-RNB’s finest newcomers Bebe Rexha and Stefflon Don so he can receive some guaranteed traction. “Push Back” is the end result and it’s not an awful track but it’s also not the best either. The tropical meets reggae production mixes in with his pop-RNB sound that he’s perfected over the years. It has its catchy moments and grows on you after a couple of listens but that’s mainly because of the sexy chorus. “Baby, push back when I jump behind it, when I jump behind it. So when I jump behind it, push back on me”. His verses are quite strong but Bebe Rexha steals the show because… well… she is Bebe Rexha. This is the strongest song he has released in a VERY long time but it’s definitely not in the same category as his other hits. So don’t get TOO excited. 




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