ALBUM REVIEW: Kate Nash – Yesterday Was Forever


So here’s a little fun fact for you. Kate Nash’s debut album “Made Of Bricks” is still one of my favourite records of all time. Her quirky and innovative indie-pop has songs like “Foundations” and “Merry Happy” instantly stuck in your head while the emotional “Nicest Thing” remains one of the saddest and most vulnerable songs I’ve ever heard. Over the years her sound has evolved with the incorporation of a rock influence that gave her last album “Girl Talk” a grittier feel. Over the last 5 years the UK songstress has starred in the hit Netflix show “Glow”, left her major record label to go independent and funded her fourth studio album purely from the crowdfunding platform Pledge Music. “Yesterday Was Forever” is an impressive and bold collection of 14 indie-pop meets indie-rock tracks. This is her strongest record since her debut and hears her completely finding herself as a singer, songwriter and artist. The sound is very cohesive and perfectly flows between each track telling this story of self empowerment, heart break and re-finding yourself. From the opening strums of “Life In Pink” it is quickly noted that Kate Nash is indeed back. Her vocal delivery along with the quirky lyrics is a pure mix of nostalgia with a DIY angsty delivery that her last record introduced. This is also the records most garage-rock moment before the indie-pop “Call Me” incorporates a slight doo-woop hook. “Take Away” and “Hate You” has this instant early 2000 pop-rock realness that you can’t help but obsess over. But it’s “Drink About You” that will have you falling in love. It combines all the elements that you love about Kate Nash including her vulnerability, quirky lyrics and signature vocal delivery along with a massive hook that will electrify her live show and have you jumping like crazy. “Well there’s no one that I think about more than you. Spots are coming out on me what should I do? And when the other boys tell me that we’re through I’ll only drink about you!”.

Majority of the album is centred around a break up and having to get over someone while still having feelings for them. So AKA, super relatable content. And “Body Heat” is one of the most surprising moments because it welcomes this DIY RNB beat while telling the age old story of needing someone in a unique way. “Baby, you can steal my sheets. I got everything I need, I can live off of your body heat”. Her delivery is quite vulnerable whilst giving a very polished pop moment. The album then gives you the 80’s synth moment “Karaoke Kiss” before unleashing the total angsty “California Poppies” which catches you off guard. “Musical Theatre” hears her re-introducing her talking meets singing delivery that her previous records have featured with a very theatrical production which starts minimalistic and grows. She then strips it back for the rest of the album with some different types of ballads. “Always Shining” is a simple heartbreak guitar ballad which is beautiful, sad and memorable because of its genuine emotion. She confesses “It’s the simple things. Morning Routine. Makes me come undone” before reflecting during the chorus. “And you’ll never look back at the sun ’cause it’s always shining. And he’ll never be the one ’cause he’s always climbing”. “Today” continues the guitar ballad sound whilst “Twisted Up” and “My Little Alien” turns up the volume before the piano and strings ballad “To The Music I Belong” perfectly closes the album. It takes it all back to where it all began and lyrically wraps up this narrative of heartbreak with self love. “Music is the only one, Music is by my side. Music will never leave, To the music hold on”. It’s a very authentic and genuine way to finish the record and has you convinced that you’ve gotten to know who Kate Nash really is on a much deeper level than ever before. It’s very nostalgic and it manages to be quite emotional whilst also being candidly unique. This is a record not only for original Kate Nash fans but also for indie-pop lovers that want something that is a little genre-fluid, ridiculously honest and uniquely different.





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