SINGLE REVIEW: The Driver Era – Preacher Man



The Driver Era is the new musical project from Californian brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch. Sonically this project is a big departure from the pop sound that R5 introduced and hears them heading towards a edgier and mature electronic pop-rock sound. Their lead single “Preacher Man” is a funky pop-rock track which perfects a catchy hook along with groovy verses that will have you vibing along the whole time. The song hears them questioning and testing the lengths of faith and trying to understand why particular things in life happen. “I’m down on my knees, yeah I’m paranoid. Don’t wanna repeat what I did before. I wanna believe that there’s something more. I wanna believe”. Ross’ signature vocals croon through the speakers with a slightly rougher delivery than before which instantly intrigues the listener. This is a very catchy track that perfectly leaves you wanting to hear more from this new project and has you questioning where they are going sonically go from here.




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