SINGLE REVIEW: Sigrid – I Don’t Want To Know


So it’s confirmed, Sigrid can do no wrong. The Norwegian songstress has released a new track from her upcoming EP and its another emotionally heartbreaking and beautiful ballad. “I Don’t Want To Know” is a raw break up track which looks at the honest feeling of not wanting to see or talk to your ex because your still hurting and know that nothing has changed. The opening line “I know you have your good side, I know you have. Even at your worst, you’re not so bad. But when you had the choice, you chose someone else” instantly sets up the anger and the hurt. She then unleashes her inner thoughts surrounding reconciliation that will break your heart and soothe your soul at the same time. “I don’t wanna meet ya, I don’t wanna talk cause I don’t wanna know that nothing’s changed at all”. Her vocal delivery has its raw moments where her emotion sinks through while towards the end she incorporates soaring high notes that will have you entranced. The production is very simple and effective for this intimate storyline and hears some beautiful strings floating through the delivery giving it a slightly cinematic feel. We have heard Sigrid deliver multiple pop bangers in the past but now we are starting to hear a very different and and vulnerable side to her and it’s impressive.

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