ALBUM REVIEW: Jack White – Boarding House Reach


It’s no secret that Jack White is one of the music industry’s most unique artists. His captivating vocals and unusual storytelling are just two of the reasons that have made him a household name. One of the main reasons is that he’s unpredictable and you never know what you’re going to get and his third solo album is a true testament to this. “Boarding House Reach” is his weirdest and most experimental body of work yet. It’s truly a record that isn’t going to appeal to everyone and will have you either hating it or loving it. Sonically it sits somewhere in-between blues rock, New Orleans jazz, gospel and funk with it’s vibey production and inspires some breakout jams to occur. “Over And Over And Over” hears him returning to the bold and grungy sound that The White Stripes perfected while “Corporation” gives you long instrumentals and the vocal riff delivery that his previous solo records introduced. The most “commercially” suitable track is the lead single “Connected By Love” which has an old school rock feel that would perfectly fit on a Triple J afternoon playlist. This record is totally original while also being classic Jack White because it’s so diverse and different. It’s his weakest solo record yet but it’s still worth a single listen because of how eclectic it is.




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