ALBUM REVIEW: George Ezra – Staying At Tamara’s


George Ezra broke through the mainstream charts in 2013 with his infectiously romantic track “Budapest” which apparently had nothing to do with the country. Ever since releasing his debut album “Wanted On Voyage” he has been continually touring and working on new music and four years later his sophomore record is finally ready. “Staying At Tamara’s” is an impressive and bold collection of upbeat tracks which hear him experimenting with a edgier production. Lead single “Paradise” perfectly sets the tone with its euphoric pop hook which will be instantly stuck in your head and have you running around with the biggest smile on your face. “Pretty Shining People” and “Don’t Matter Now” continue that sound with big hooks while “Shotgun” quickly becomes an instant fan favourite. The quirky feel good track reflects on how the singer-songwriter doesn’t have his licence and is content with just being the passenger on crazy adventures. “I’ll be riding shotgun underneath the hot sun, feeling like I’m someone”. This new upbeat sound gets an injection of his soulful alternative-pop sound on the catchy “Get Away” and “Sugarcoat” while “Hold My Girl” and “Savior” have a stronger folk influence. But it wouldn’t be a George Ezra album without some heartbreaking ballads and he has three of them for you. “All Of My Love” has a doo-woop meets folk-pop production while “The Beautiful Dream” is (excuse the pun) dreamy and cinematic. But “Only Human” will steal your heart and break it in two with its reflective storyline of self evaluation. “You can run, you can jump, might fuck it up. But you can’t blame yourself, no, you’re just human”. All of these sounds perfectly tie in together with their different euphoric and reflective production. This record is definitely a lot more mainstream directed than his debut but it sees him reaching towards a more fulfilled and arena ready sound. His vocals are as strong, soulful and raspy as ever and will have your heart racing and breaking at the same time.




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