ALBUM REVIEW: Dami Im – I Hear A Song


Dami Im won the hearts of the country when she was crowned the winner of X Factor in 2013 and went onto representing Australia in the coveted 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with her hit single “Sound Of Silence”. Since then Dami has released a Carpenters covers album and took a break from the spotlight to work on her fourth studio album. “I Hear A Song” is a compilation of 12 covers and 2 original tracks that celebrate powerful women in the music industry and tell their stories in a unique way. Each of these songs have been recorded with raw intentions with only using a microphone and a piano to deliver the main foundations with a simple percussion arrangement and a pop polish to tie it all together. She kicks off the album with the emotionally raw Nina Simone cover “Feeling Good” and instantly has you feeling all warm and fuzzy with her soulful and powerful vocals. Like do I even need to comment on those ridiculous high notes? She strips the pop anthems “Say A Little Prayer” by Dionne Warwick and “Love On Top” by Beyonce back to give you a soothing and genuine delivery. The album then dives into coffee-house piano territory with “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” by Dusty Springfield and “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones. Original tracks “I Hear A Song” and “Like A Cello” introduce a jazz sound which is a massive directional change from her pop anthems that she’s released in the past. These adult contemporary tracks are a welcomed change though as it shows a new found maturity and growth as an artist and perfectly ties in with this powerful collection of material. However this is Dami’s third studio album of mostly covers so it would be nice to hear another collection of all original material because she is a strong songwriter and has delivered some real bops in the past.




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