SINGLE REVIEW: Snow Patrol – Don’t Give In


It’s been a little while since we have had new Snow Patrol music. Actually, it’s been 7 years since we’ve had a full new album from the Scottish five piece so I would say it’s very much overdue. They were the band responsible for the emotional tracks “Chasing Cars” and “Open Your Eyes” so it only seems fitting that they kick off their seventh studio album with another emotional track. “Don’t Give In” is a candid exploration of lead vocalist Gary Lightbody’s struggle with depression. It’s the internal dialogue that is telling him to not give up and to keep fighting for what he believes in. Sometime’s it is very hard to do that and this song serves as an ode for anyone that is struggling with those feelings to remember that they are worth it. “Don’t give in, don’t you dare quit so easy. Give all that you got on the soul. Don’t say that you want it forever. I know, I know”. His vocals are less polished than what you have heard previously and deliver a husky and emotional tone. Its a lot more genuine because you can hear the pain and hurt in every word. It’s not the breakthrough single that is going to be put on heavy rotation but it is a great re-introduction to who they are as a band.




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